Timber Headings

Timber headings are a tried and tested method of tunnelling,simple and cost effective they are very useful in areas with limited space and where they may be existing services in the line of the tunnel as the existing services can be left in place with the tunnel being build around them ,timber headings are built using a timber box frame with head boards and side boards being driven forward as the ground is being excavated when the head and side boards are fully driven a second timber box frame is installed completing the timber set , this is then repeated as the tunnel advances, these are very useful for sewer connections where a timber heading is driven from a shaft on site, out under a road or footpath to an existing manhole the manhole is then broken into and piped up to ,as the pipe work is layer back thought the timber heading it is back filled with dry mix concrete until the heading is piped and backed filled back to the shaft, leaving a new sewer connection with no disturbance to the road or footpath overhead, take a look at some of our timber headings