Pipe Jacking

Pipe jacking is a trenchless method of installing pipe lines below ground ,a digger shield or hand shield is used , the ground is excavated from within the shield. As the ground is excavated the jacking rig which is placed within the drive shaft jacks the shield forward the shield is steered using a laser system installed within the drive shaft ,this is repeated until a 2.5meter pipe is installed behind the shield this process is continued until the pipeline reaches the reception shaft ,the shield is then removed and the pipe jacked to its final resting place , the pipeline is then grouted leaving a finished pipeline between the two shafts ,we install pipes from 1m to 2.1m up to lengths of 300m a very fast and efficient way of installing a pipeline with no disruption to traffic or services. We have installed these all over the uk and Ireland these are very useful for going under roads ,rivers,railways,protected walls etc